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Thursday, 7 July 2011




Julie and Lauren said...

I actually really like her haircut. She's growing up to be uber chic. Xx

Unknown said...

She's so pretty and stylish!!

YAY...Have fun in your vacation doll.

<3 Marina

Unknown said...

i don't like her at all

Ikram said...

Hi leila :)
I just wanna say that your blog is one of my farourites ,keep going
Can you write a comment on my first articl it would be nice

thanks in advance

Ikram said...

Hi leila :)
I just wanna say that your blog is one of my farourites ,keep going
Can you write a comment on my first articl it would be nice

thanks in advance

Sada said...

Pretty cool style! Have a GREAT time away!
Dressology HQ

Dilan Dilir said...

great post :D said...

You look wonderful. I love your blog <3

I invite you to follow my new fashion blog

Kashaya said...

Love her oufit-=) Have a nice holiday.

malikaa said...

Wawww elle est vraiment cute...

Enjoy your holiday ;)

Bisou bisou

Chick Flick Journal said...

You'll be missed coco xx

I like what she's wearing.

You're missed on my page too.

Enjoy babe xx

Cmnestares_92 said...

The jacket is gorgeus!! Enjoy in your holidays!!

agnes said...

jolie et stylée, j'aime beaucoup

Nafissa said...

AH LALALA ! C'est ce que J'adooooore


Shizi said...

I love your blog i can relate tomyour passion and influences i wish you well on the blog.

Ciao xx

Tiffany said...

awesome outfit!
have fun! i'll be gone too!

Cmnestares_92 said...

Today I have seen the film, I like her very much but I like more with long hair! Kisses!!

Anonymous said...

what a laaaarge smile :o

nouchaline said...

Love her :)
Also love your What's in your bag post! I'm working on one myself, it will be out in a few hours!


Anonymous said...

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