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Monday, 30 May 2011


Abbey Lee Kershaw (born June 12, 1987 in Melbourne, Australia) also known as Abbey Lee, is an Australian fashion model. She currently ranks 5th on the Top 50 Models Women list by, and is ranked 21st on the "Top Money Girls" list by Her boyfriend is musician Matthew Hutchinson from the band Our Mountain. She is not an official member of the band but has  appeared on stage with them before, both playing the  tambourine and singing while they play.


Chloé-M said...

Ho ! Ces photos sont superbes, cette fille est magnifique !

Dilan Dilir said...

nice photos!

Tiffany said...

oh she's so beautiful and stylish! i like the gap between her front teeth, models don't always have to have perfect teeth!

It-Blogirls said...

Abbey lee, de la BOMBE!
En vrai elle est encore plus magnifique et radieuse!

Imane said...

Je la trouve magnifique, elle a un charisme et une beauté atypique qui la rendent unique! Mais bon, je lui préfère quand même Freja :p

Unknown said...

She's absolutely gorgeous. Great images.


Unknown said...

she's so beautiful

Tereza {Drastic Plastic} said...

She is really beautiful.

Meryem said...

she got a nice baby face!

Nora De Casa said...

Très jolie mannequin,et photos!! kiss

Chloe Mia said...

She is stunning!

l'Oscar revient aux jeunes said...

in fuckin lovve !
Ton blog est top !

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