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Friday, 29 April 2011


Kate wore this amazing dress by Sarah Burton of Alexander McQueen. Kate, now Duchess of Cambridge, wished for her dress to combine tradition and modernity with the artistic vision that characterizes Alexander McQueen's work. The earrings, which were made to match the tiara, were a personal gift to Middleton from her parents for her wedding day. Her handmade shoes, also by McQueen, were composed of ivory duchesse satin and lace. When it comes to her hair, Kate decided to stick with her longtime hairstylist James Pryce of the Richard Ward Salon, and regarding her makeup, it's rumored that Kate did it herself using Bobbi Brown products.

& here are some of the best dressed guests:

Victoria wore a dress of her own Autumn/Winter 2011 collection (and look at the heels!) while David wore a Ralph Lauren Suit.

Pippa Middleton (Kate's sister and bridesmaid) in Alexander McQueen & Queen Elizabeth II:

Princess Eugenie of York (in Vivienne Westwood) and Princess Beatrice of York & Joss Stone:

Tara Palmer-TomkinsonLady Helen Taylor:

& this is Princess Lalla Salma of Morocco:

Did you like Kate's dress? & who do you think was the best dressed? 


Amira said...

c'est féerique leur truc, sa robe me rappelle un peu la robe de mariée de cendrillon :D magnifique !

CDG said...

I am so glad I watched this on tv this morning, even though I didn't initially care much for it. Wearing Alexander McQueen at your wedding I think would be most girls dreams. And I was so envious of all of the amazing hats and head pieces I saw so many women wearing.

hotstylebyme said...

même si sa robe nest pas un grand pas vers la modernité je laime beaucoup et aussi le caftan de la princesse salma

Anonymous said...

J'aime toutes les robes, magnifique le caftan de la princesse salma :)


Skinny Jeans - Blog Mode Marocain said...

The best dressed for me are the bride of course and our sweet princess :)


It-Blogirls said...

kate et william été au top!
david et victoria aussi!

Ghita (: said...

( désolée je peux pas m'enpêcher de remarquer que le pape et la reine sont genre assortis hahahaha )

Sinon, Kate a eu le plus beau mariage qui soit.

Anne said...

gooorgous wedding!!

Mimi F. said...

I adore Kate and wish them all the best!

And David B. is fuckaaable haha

Sada said...

Great coverage. I love the photos you posted....somehow I missed the Princess of Morrocco and that dress is AMAZING!! I love them all for differentreasons, but it was Princess Kate's day!

I awarded your rockin' blog with the One Lovely Blog Award! For details check out: xoxo You totally deserve it!!!

clemence said...

la mariée était splendide! j'ai adoré sa robe! un mariage très glamour!

Anonymous said...

what a nice weeding

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