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Thursday, 31 March 2011


JESSICA BIEL                                               EMMA ROBERTS
MANDY MOORE                         DIANE KRUGER

This casual chic look is my favourite for this spring/summer; comfy, styIish & easy to wear. I can't choose which one is my favourite, but I think Hilary,Mandy  & Keira did it best! What about you?


Unknown said...

I'm all over this trend!! LOVE finding ways to look chic while feeling completely comfortable and relax!! Great post.


Anonymous said...

kiera is always the best nice articl by the way

Saf ♥ said...

Great choices! I think you nailed it! My fave has to be Hilary Duff and Emma Roberts!

Julie and Lauren said...

I've been loving Jessica Biel's looks. She is so beautiful and her style is becoming impeccable!

samia said...

mes favorites emma roberts et mandy moore

I'm a girl said...


I follow u! :)

Unknown said...

I like Jessica Biel and Emma Roberts the most! Really nice style!


Kenzo said...

My favorites are Hilary and Mandy!

Jennifer R.Kociolek said...

Je prépare un article pour bientôt! Don't worry ;)
A très vite

Stella said...

lovely style!!!

Zarita said...

keira et diane my favourites ;-)
bisou ma chèeeeere (k)

Zainab Sadiq said...

i like your picks :)

Dragana Daša said...

diane <3

Anonymous said...

Thank you sweety! Making me blush ehhe.. HUGS!

LOve the styles you have picked up!

Gabrielle - I LIKE IT FAST said...

Great post, LOVE your blog! I'm following you now, hope you follow me too!

Unknown said...

GEMMA ARTERTON's style is the nicest. Great post. Very inspiring.

Suzy said...

I love all these casual looks!
Im following you,thanx for visiting my blog!:-)

KellyAnn said...

oh fun, i don't have to peruse magazines I can just come over to your blog :) i wish i looked like jessica biel in jeans *sigh*

following :)
xoxo KellyAnn

hotstylebyme said...

il est mignon le style de emma robert

Movimento Moda said...

Gemma Arterton looks cool!

Imane said...

C'est typiquement le genre de looks que j'aimerai adopter mais je déteste porter des pantalons :/

clemence said...

merci pour ces ptits looks qui m'inspirent bien!!

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