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Thursday, 24 February 2011


    COLEEN ROONEY                         EMMA WATSON FOR BURBERRY      

ROSIE HUNTINGTON WHITELEY                                              KATE HUDSON



       MASSIMO DUTTI CRUISE COLLECTION                          MANGO FW 10


BURBERRY RUNWAY                                 JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE



Marta said...

nice blog!! i follow you! so cute :)

samia said...

i love it for sure!!
ceux de burburry restent les meilleurs ,surtout le drapé j'ai bien aimé

bisou bisou

Unknown said...

i love burberry's specially the men line

Hijabs and Co said...

just love this collection, i am always in love with burberry <3

Aphrodite said...

AAAAAaah!! J'adore, les garçon sont trop beaux, j'aime trop ! :D Et au faite, j'ai fait un nouvelle article :)
Bises ♥

Tereza {Drastic Plastic} said...

I'm a really big trench fan.
thank you so much for your follow, I started follow you too.

ℓeiℓa said...

OmG!!!! so sophisticated !!!!!!

Imane said...

J'adore les trenchs et les photos que tu as postées sont superbes!

Opposite lipstick said...

Sympa ton blog!

Meryem said...


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